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Low Alcohol Beers. What's your thoughts?

21 Jul 2022: Low alcohol craft beer? I like it. Here's a little of why and which ones to give a nudge.View Post >

Look Good, Feel Better.

07 Dec 2021: We have teamed up with a pretty inspirational cause.View Post >

Ex-Beerience the Capital.

01 Sep 2021: For me travelling was very much an addiction. I spent close to 20 years backpacking around 80 plus countries. It was about seeing and doing something new for the first time. It wasn’t just about places but the people. I’ve had some amazing experiences in that time and now that I’m back in Wellington I realise you don’t have to travel too far to see and do things for the very first time right off our back door step.View Post >

A guide to some of Wellington's finest Craft Breweries

10 May 2021: We are so lucky to have so many great craft beer breweries in Wellington and this is just a small taste.View Post >

Say no to Corona.

15 Jul 2020: Like so many others working in the Tourism Industry, its been a tough past few months and for some there is still no light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel.View Post >

Why a New Zealand Beercation?

14 May 2020: With New Zealand having more breweries per capita than Britain, the US and Australia added to the fact that New Zealand's hops and malts are some of the most sought after in the world simply adds to the long list of reasons to get out and explore our beautiful breweries.View Post >

Beer on your doorstep.

31 Mar 2020: One essential service making our lives better.View Post >

Craft Beer with a Cause.

10 Mar 2020: New brewery collaboration to help fund breast cancer research.View Post >

Contiki meets Craft.

27 Feb 2020: Its been a busy February AND we welcomed our new partnership with Contiki.View Post >

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