Why a New Zealand Beercation?

Published 14 May 2020

Why a New Zealand Beercation?

Why a New Zealand Beercation?

With New Zealand having more breweries per capita than Britain, the US and Australia added to the fact that New Zealand's hops and malts are some of the most sought after in the world simply adds to the long list of reasons to get out and explore our beautiful breweries.

Plenty to explore but plenty to be proud of and support too. Around 22,000 Kiwis work in the beer industry and it supports many more. Most of our breweries source their ingredients from their local communities and farmers markets to reflect the product of the local geography and give their beer even more local character. Their desire to support local means there is a real focus on fresh, sustainable local products.

Two of the key ingredients in beer are hops and malt. Did you know that New Zealand is world famous for both and in high demand around the world? Gladfield Malt in Canterbury is a proud family run business supplying 100% pure malt to most New Zealand breweries and many international ones too. I spoke with Kelly Ryan from Fork and Brewer in Wellington today. Kelly said that he uses about 95% NZ malt to brew the 40 plus beers he has on tap.

Another great reason to go explore our great New Zealand breweries is their amazing contributions and the impacts they have on our community. Not only do they give us great beer and food, but they also give back to those in need. Charities such as breast cancer research, the Variety Children's Charity, Autism NZ, Forest and Bird, the SPCA, Everybody Eats and Multiple Sclerosis NZ to name just a few have all benefited from our breweries.

You would think the Craft Beer industry would be extremely competitive and cut throat too right? It may actually surprise you how supportive they really are of each other. Last October for example, Sawmill Brewery in Matakana was devastated by a fire. They have been able to continue to brew all thanks to Hallertau, Urbanaut, 8 Wired, Kererū and Parrotdog who stepped in and allowed Sawmill to brew in their breweries. A pretty good reason to raise a glass while visiting their breweries.

But hey, not only should we be proud of who we are but also what we have and our willingness to discover it. Choosing to go your own path and take pride in your journey is a huge part of the brewery ethos. Which is why we are lucky here in Ale-tearoa where you can explore beaches and baltic porters, mountains and mango sours, rivers and red IPA’s, snow and scottish ales, lakes and light ales, bush and blonde ales, walks and witbier. Find a beautiful location in New Zealand and there is a good chance you’ll find a brewery.

From Waipu to Matakana, Piha, the Coromandel, Mt Maunganui, Gisborne, Rotorua, Taupo, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Blenheim, Nelson, Riwaka, Kaikoura, Wanaka, Queenstown to the Catlins you’ll find a New Zealand owned and operated brewery and that's not including our bigger cities!

Taking a Beercation in New Zealand is not only a chance to relax, but they can give you a chance to be adventurous and explore. Whether that be going to a new region, trying a new style of beer or matching it with local cuisine, we are very pretty spoilt for choice.

Anyone who’s ever had a job knows that there’s nothing like a beer after work or happy hour to unwind after a long day. When the whole 9 - 5 really gets to be too much, a vacation is often the only recourse available for maintaining one’s sanity. What better way than to plan a trip around the ultimate combination of hydration, celebration, and relaxation.

Your brew-venture doesn't have to stop either when you get home. Most of the breweries you visit will be able to sell you souvenirs or “brew-venirs” in the form of beers and merchandise which you can take home with you and keep the adventure going. However nothing compares to drinking them fresh from the tanks at a brewery. It's like going to a restaurant to enjoy a nice freshly cooked meal except you go to a brewery and enjoy a nice freshly brewed beer.

I’d say we all deserve a beercation right about now, even if it’s simply a “beerstaycation” at your local brewery. Why a New Zealand Beercation? Because there is no better time than now to enjoy, explore and be proud of “Ale-tearoa”.



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