Wellington, New Zealand. Your next "beer-cation".

Published 29 Jan 2020

Wellington, New Zealand. Your next "beer-cation".

For me travelling was very much an addiction. I spent close to 20 years backpacking around 80 plus countries. It was about seeing and doing something new for the first time. It wasn’t just about places but the people.

I’ve had some amazing experiences in that time and now that I’m back in Wellington I realise you don’t have to travel too far to see and do things for the very first time right off our back door step.

Some cities are famous for many different things. Wellington can boast being the southernmost capital in the world for example. Not very cool though I hear you say. For me, a city famous for breweries is a city slightly cooler than being known for its….museums. Not my cup of tea….ale.

So how about the fact that Wellington boasts about 18 breweries in the city and about 30 in the region?

Around Cuba Street there are 3 within about 200 meters! NZ’s Craft Beer Capital? I think so.

Of all the bars in Wellington approximately 25% of the beers served on tap are craft beers, many of which come from Wellington.

Here is a great example. Kelly Ryan is the head brewer at Fork and Brewer on Bond Street. He has an amazing 40 plus beers on tap alone! He also came up with the recipes for the beers sold in the Green Dragon Tavern in Hobbiton, which is New Zealand’s most visited tourist attraction.

By visiting Wellington’s breweries you will discover some of our best suburbs and neighborhoods. Fortune Favours in Wellington’s tastiest laneway. Heyday Beer Co, located on possibly our coolest street, Cuba Street. Parrotdog Brewery in Lyall Bay. Good brews and good surf! Garage Project in Aro Valley which projects a strong sense of place and community.

It’s not just about the breweries but the people who work in them. Whether they be locals or locals from further afar. Wellington’s breweries seem to attract really good people. It’s a pretty easy formula. Good breweries + Good people = Great experience…..and beer!

So whether your a local or from out of town, come and discover a Wellington you have never seen before. Something else that makes Wellington one of the greatest cities in the world.

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