Sustainability and our Promise.

Published 05 Oct 2021

Sustainability and our Promise.

What Is Sustainability? Imagine you have a magic beer glass. The glass refills itself, so every time you take a mouthful of beer, more beer just appears in the glass. Beer all the time! Sounds pretty sweet, right? With the magic beer glass, the beer is sustainable. That means that you can keep using it for a long time without it running out. It doesn't matter how much you take out of the glass, because more beer will just appear. It's magic!

But in the real world, we don't have magic beer glasses like that. If you keep taking beer out of a real glass and never put any more back in, the glass will eventually become empty. Taking beer out of a regular glass without putting any more beer back in is not a sustainable practice. You can't keep doing it for a long time, because eventually the glass will run out of beer.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to give back more than what we take and to do what's right for both people and planet.

Our Goals.

  • Become a Zero Carbon certified business by 2022
  • Reduce food waste from our tours by 100% by 2025
  • Increase of local and organic food products by our supply chain by 2025
  • Reduce printed materials by 90% by 2022
  • Include an annual tour conducted in both Te Reo Maori and English by 2025
  • Complete at least 250 volunteer hours by 2025
  • Work with 3 or more charities each year by 2025
  • Complete equality in the workplace by 2022

What are we doing now?

Our Sustainable Practices and beliefs can be broken down into what we consider to be our “Three Pillars of Sustainability”. People, Planet and Community.

People - our customers and crew are our most important people. We work hard at offering the best possible experience to our customers and value what they think after with feedback and Reviews. Our crew is what really makes us and who Craft Beer Tours NZ really is. Our workplace encourages equality, diversity and one which supports our team well beyond the Living Wage in New Zealand.

Planet - in September 2021 we were accredited as a “Carbon Friendly Business” by offsetting, (balancing out), all of our carbon emissions from April 2020 until March 2021. Craft Beer Tours NZ is proud to be certified Carbon Friendly with EKOS. We have offset 4.824tCO2e with certified carbon credits. These offsets grow and protect indigenous forests in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands while helping to deliver climate resilience, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.

Community - we are proud to have supported such organisations as the Red Cross NZ, Child Cancer Foundation, Bowel Cancer NZ, Look Good Feel Better NZ, Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ and Pinc and Steel NZ by either fundraising or donations. We continue to work with Whistling Sisters Beer Co. who operate primarily to support a foundation in which they set up to support research into advanced breast cancer.


We want to walk the talk and serve this as a benchmark for our progress while holding ourselves accountable for the goals we have set ourselves. By committing to this transparency, we want to establish trust with our customers and open the conversation for much appreciated feedback from the very people who keep us in business. Our ears, hearts and views remain open as we explore new ways to use our business as a force for good. It's not just about the planet but people and community too.

Thank you for your support. We couldn't do this without you!

“What we give back is what we get out but if we keep taking, eventually the glass will be empty.”

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